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Before you adopt...

We put our heart and soul into helping these dogs so it is our responsibility to make sure we find the right home for them.


Most Romanian dogs have never lived in a home before and will have little to no obedience training, toilet training, lead training or exposure to human contact. You must have the time, commitment and patience for this.


Romanian dogs can be scared and nervous and will take a lot of time, patience and understanding to adjust to their new life.   

These dogs are not perfect. BUT with lots of love, patience and hard work they can turn into the most amazing souls.

Your garden must be fully secure with no gaps that a dog can escape from and a suitable fence which we usually suggest is 6ft. We ideally like all dogs to have a garden but this is not essential depending on the dog you are applying for.

Puppies can only enter the UK once they are 16 weeks old.  

We require all puppies to be spayed / neutered when they reach the appropriate age.

We do not rehome any dogs with cats.

We do not rehome with children under 12 years of age.

Please do not apply if you work very long hours out of the home and there will not be someone around the majority of the time to care for the dog as these dogs, like any dogs, need lots of time invested in them.

All dogs are home delivery to your door from Romania to UK.


We like to rehome as close to Bristol as possible and we do not rehome dogs to Scotland as transport does not go as far as Scotland.

The adoption process...

Step 1 - Read & Research

Please read the above criteria and do your research to make sure this is definitely the right choice for you. Take a look at our Facebook page here to view the dogs we have available.

Step 2 - Complete the adoption form

Download the adoption form on the website and once completed return it via email to

We will review your application and will be in touch to confirm if you are suitable for the dog you are applying for.

Step 3 - Home check

If circumstances allow we will visit to do an in person home check. If this is not possible, we will need you to provide a video of your home and secure garden and include anyone who lives at the house in the video.

Step 4 - Payment and transport

Once we are satisfied with the home check, we will give you confirmation of the adoption and discuss the payment and arrange the date for transport to the UK

Step 5 - Your dog arrives in the UK

We will keep in touch with you regarding the transport of your dog to the UK and will keep in contact to see how you are getting on. Make sure you view the information on preparing for the arrival of your dog.

What it costs...

Our adoption fees are:


  • £450 for dogs up to 3 years old

  • £425 for dogs over 3 years old


A reduced adoption fee may be available for some senior dogs. The exact fee will be discussed with each individual and will take into account for any pre existing health conditions or problems.

This cost includes:

  • Full vaccinations

  • Test for brucellosis

  • Worming

  • Flea treatment

  • Kennel cough vaccine

  • Spayed / castrated (if aged over 6 months)

  • Microchipped (you must register the chip under Petlog once your dog arrives)

  • Dog passport

  • Delivery from Romania to your home address in the UK

Ready to adopt?


If you have read all of the information and are interested in providing a forever home to a Romanian dog in need, then please apply now using our adoption application form. 

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